I addressed the Hawk. “Can you transfer me to

"I addressed the Hawk. “Can you transfer me to that dragon, please?”
Once the Hawk drew close enough, I leapt onto his back, sliding myself behind my wife. I slipped an arm around her waist, pressing my lips
against the back of her cool neck.
“I thought you’d failed,” she said breathlessly.
I squeezed her, tsk ing. “And I thought you knew me better than that, Mrs. Novak. Failure is not a word in my dictionary.”
L a w r e n
c e
E veryone let out audible sighs of relief when Derek’s army came into view. He’d made it. Late. But he’d made it nonetheless. Now we were
going to have to do the best that we could to salvage the situation.
As the fighting started up again and we launched at the hunters with renewed strength—myself sharing a dragon with Kiev—I glanced over at the
press helicopters. They inched a tad closer as our new flurry of activity started. I hoped that they would draw closer still.
Although the dragon was leading us to rejoin the battle, I had something more important to do first. I requested the dragon to drop me off on the
roof of a building about a mile away—away from the epicenter of the danger. I broke open the door to a stairwell leading down into the building
and took a seat on one of the steps so that I could make a phone call without distraction.
I dialed the old government official’s number. Fowler was his name.
I feared that he might not even pick up. But he did, after five rings.
“It’s Lawrence,” I said immediately. “Don’t hang up. There’s been a development. Our backup has arrived and we’re driving the IBSI out of their
own territory as we speak. We will win and take control of the Chicago situation. We will then do the same with New York. Get back over here,
and you can witness the same for yourself. Or, better still, allow the reporters to continue doing their damn job. You never should’ve shut them
down to begin with.”
There was a pause on the other end of the line. I could hear the man’s uneven breathing. “I-I’ll have a reporter stream footage to us,” he said, “so
we can verify the situation for ourselves.”
“Be our guest,” I told him.
With that, I hung up. A feeling of satisfaction swelled within me as I gazed down at the phone.
I knew that Fowler would not waste time in verifying the facts himself. They were just as desperate as we were to see the backs of the IBSI. They
wanted us to take over; they simply needed us to prove that we were capable of it.
And finally, we were.
Once he’d verified the situation, we should be back on track with our original plan.
I slipped the phone back into my pocket and returned to the roof. I gazed up at the sky, looking for a dragon, a witch, or even a Hawk, who could
swoop down to pick me up and allow me to rejoin the battle.
With a deafening shriek, something did swoop down—sooner than I even saw it coming.
The next thing I knew, I was trapped within the talons of a mutant, and hurtling over a several-hundred-feet freefall.
e n
O nce Atticus’s men came for him, we knew that the clock was ticking in regards to how much longer we could keep him hostage. Either we had
to get rid of the distraction, or leave, allowing Atticus to go free.
I was unwilling to do the latter. As they burst through the door of Atticus’s office, Kailyn and I launched at the men. Taking them by surprise, we
slammed books into their heads, knocking them out. This bought us some more time. We dragged them into the hallway and left them there
Then we returned to Atticus, who was still looking fairly calm. He’d scored a victory in getting all of the major news channels shut down. And even
though he was trapped in here with us, unable to make contact with anyone outside, he knew what was happening now. Just like we did. The IBSI
would be in the process of regaining control. But we weren’t ready to leave yet. Not now that we had him. I was still holding out hope that my
father would arrive, albeit late. And as the news channels suddenly flickered on again, depicting an epic battle taking place in Chicago’s residential
quarters, my hope was realized.
“Thank heavens!” Kailyn exclaimed, moving closer to the screen and gaping."